New Renewable Energy Bill Drafting Set to Finish This Year

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta РDeputy Chairman of the Commission VII of the House of Representatives (DPR) Eddy Soeparno is optimistic regarding the prospect of the new renewable energy bill drafting. He said that half of the Problem Inventory List (DIM) has been discussed and is set to be finalized within this year.

“There is currently a transfer of responsibility ongoing from Mr. Dadan to the new Director General of the New Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation (EBTKE) of the EMR Ministry, Mr. Yudo. He is a competent person to manage new renewable energy issues,” said Eddy when met in the Sultan Hotel on Monday, July 31, 2023.

Eddy said that there are minimal challenges in the drafting of this Bill. However, since the issue needs a comprehensive discussion, Commission VII DPR will invite the Director General of EBTKE to harmonize the previously considered issues.

Regarding the power wheeling scheme, Eddy said they are going to continue discussing the issue since power wheeling is needed especially in regions with no National Electricity Company networks.

The power wheeling scheme is a mechanism that allows private-owned Independent Power Producers (IPP) to develop power plants and sell the electricity to households and industries. The IPP electricity trade uses the National Electricity Company’s distribution network and transmission by paying a fee to the EMR Ministry.

Quoting from the press release and the official website of the EMR Ministry, the New Renewable Energy Bill is an urgent matter since a comprehensive framework of regulation is needed to ensure the new renewable energy investment ecosystem is conducive, just, and sustainable in order to benefit society.

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Meanwhile, the substantive matters included in the DIM of the bill consisted of; energy transition and roadmaps, the sources of new renewable energy, nuclear, business permits, research and development, new renewable energy prices, government supports, new renewable energy funding, Domestic Component Level, distribution of responsibility, supervision, and citizen participation.


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