Anticipating El Nino Impact, Bulog Rice Absorption Reaches 780,000 Tons

TEMPO.CO, JakartaState logistics agency Perum Bulog has been making utmost efforts to absorb as much grains and rice produced by local farmers as possible in anticipation of El Nino impact, with rice absorption reaching 780,000 tons as of August 10, 2023.

“Bulog is making utmost efforts to realize the fulfillment of the government’s rice reserves, in accordance with assignments given by the government through maximum absorption of domestic grain and rice,” said Bulog Director of Supply Chain and Public Services Mokhamad Suyamto on Friday, August 11, 2023.

Suyamto said that besides maximizing the absorption of domestic production, Bulog is also coordinating intensively with other countries to accelerate the arrival of imported rice to Indonesia.

This is because domestic grain and rice production has fallen in the second semester of this year compared to that of the first semester. As a result, the domestic absorption potential in the second half may be lower than in the first half.

“For this reason, efforts to meet the need for government rice reserve stocks must be met from other sources, namely rice imports, according to what has been decided by the government,” he said.

As per records, of the procurement target of 2.3 million tons, 1.6 million tons has been realized so far. The remaining 700,000 tons will be delivered in stages until the end of 2023.

“The government’s policy of importing rice through Perum Bulog has further strengthened the government’s rice reserve stock and is certain to have an impact on maintaining rice price stabilization and addressing the impact of El Nino,” he said.

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Suyamto further added that Bulog has continued to maximize all existing instruments as joint anticipation steps against El Nino and to ensure food availability and affordability by involving farmer groups, traditional millers, and other stakeholders.

Bulog has also continued to coordinate with the central and regional governments to maintain uniform distribution of stock availability. He even emphasized that the public should not worry about El Nino because the current stock of rice with Bulog is 1.33 million tons.

“Apart from that, the process of absorption of domestic production is still ongoing, and there are still remaining contracts and remaining rice import quotas that will continue to be attempted to be imported more quickly to Indonesia. Bulog also continues to guarantee that food needs, especially rice, will continue to be met, especially in the current vulnerable conditions,” he said.


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